3 new post-vaccination side effects listed by CDC

Globally, 283 million vaccine doses of coronavirus have been given, and around 60 million from the batch have received the full two-dose vaccine.

The two most common side effects after the COVID vaccine are pain at the sight of the injection and short-term flu-like symptoms, which are mostly visible after the second dose. However, the vaccine is successful in reducing hospitalization in severe cases.

Previously, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention had issued a list of six common side effects that can occur after receiving the vaccine. These six symptoms were pain, swelling, fever, chills, headache, and fatigue. Now the organization has added three new side effects to the older list. These three new side effects are rashes, muscle pain, and nausea. The CDC also warned against mistaking injection site pain as an indication of muscle pain.

However, these common side effects that come with time shouldn’t prevent people from getting vaccinated. Getting the side effects after the vaccine simply means the vaccine is working and you are developing immunity. Antibodies appear in recipients two weeks later after the first dose of vaccine, and full protection begins two weeks after the second injection.

However, if side effects persist, you need to consult your doctor, suggests CDC.

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