Lionel Messi can stay with me if he signs for Real Madrid: Sergio Ramos | Football News

MADRID: Lionel Messi received a surprise offer from Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos on Thursday.
The Real defender said that should the Barcelona striker decide to leave Camp Nou for the Bernabeu when his contract expires this year, he could stay with the Ramos family while he was house hunting.
“100% of course!” Said Ramos on the Twitch show ‘Charlando Tranquilamente’ when asked if he would welcome Messi to Real.
“He could stay with me for the first week or so. He can find his feet and get comfortable, I’d love to do that.
“We Madrid fans had to endure Leo’s best years (with him on a different team). It would be great not to have to play him every week and having him with us would of course help us win and be more successful It would be foolish to say it wouldn’t. ”
Ramos’ own contract with Real expires this summer but he said if he left Madrid he would not be tempted to join Barcelona.
“Absolutely no chance! I like (new Barca president Joan) Laporta, I met him and I liked him,” said Ramos.
“But it’s the same as not seeing Xavi, (Carles) Puyol or even Messi sign for Madrid. It works the other way around and there are those of us who would never play for Barca.”
“There are some things that money can’t buy.”

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