Netizens slam Indian Idol 12 judges Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya and contestants for attempting to sing and ‘ruin’ Kishore Kumar’s songs

The weekend episode of Indian Idol 12 featured director / singer Amit Kumar as a special guest and was dedicated to legendary singer Kishore Kumar. The episode paid tribute to the legendary singer’s 100 greatest songs. While it was a great episode, contestants and judges showed Himesh Reshammiya and Neha Kakkar most popular songs by Kishore Kumar.

Internet users didn’t fully enjoy the episode and took to social media to share their experiences. Internet users took it seriously that Judges Himesh and Neha were singing the golden melodies of Kishore and the songs did not do it justice.

One user wrote: “Neha Kakkar does whatever you want with her songs, please don’t even think about spoiling Kishore Kumar Sir’s songs.”

Neha Kakkar does anything you want to do with your songs. Please don’t even think about spoiling Kishore Kumar Sir’s songs …

– Ashwin (@ SavageClown666) 1620492427000 Another viewer wrote: “# IndianIdol2021 #indianidol #SonyLIV, please spare Kishore Kumar’s songs. This is the worst singing I have ever seen of Kishore’s songs. All of my favorite songs are screwed by iAmNehaKakkar @The_AnuMalik and all of the participants. ”

# IndianIdol2021 #indianidol #SonyLIV, please spare Kishore Kumar’s songs. This is the worst chant I’ve ever played …

– Rajeev Raval (@ rajeev2306) 1620579819000

They also shared multiple memes and saw their performances.

I’m sorry to say but Himesh murdered the legendary Kishor Kumar songs on #indianidol. The participants are so much better.

– Nitin Deshpande (@nitingdeshpande) 1620580968000

#indianidol # IndianIdol2021Indian Idol Audience Then Now

– priyanka (@_pri_yanka) 1620493254000

Not only the judges but also the internet users trolled the participants’ attempt to sing some of his songs.

In the meantime, nehu kankar, when the candidate tells her her life story #indianidol

– YASH (@i_m_yash__) 1620495101000

One of the users wrote: “When you see #indianidol, which is dedicated to one of the greats #kishorekumar, every time you hear the best singers sing their songs, you realize again the greatness of the legend. No one after him has been so blessed with the quality of his voice and singing power as he has! ”

Check out #indianidol, dedicated to one of the greats #kishorekumar Every time you hear the best singers …

– Durga Jasraj (@durgajasraj) 1620492788000

Fans of #KishoreKumar after seeing #AnuMalik #HimeshReshmiya KishoreDas murder songs in # Indianidol …

– Sandeep Kandale (@KandaleSandeep) 1620579156000

Viewers have also complained about the lack of variation in the participants and instead of their singing skills, the creators are trying to calculate TRPs based on their financial situation. A look at the tweets:

#indianidol this season has gotten so boringSo repititiveContestants are not up to dateThey keep singing …

– ankurwadhwa (@king_akw) 1620493139000

They know #indianidol is a bummer when they had Sonakshi Sinha as their judge and sang Neha Kakkar – Himesh Reshamiya T…

– Preet ~ (@preetweets_) 1620581062000

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