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NEW DELHI: Amid sharp criticism from its hardline followers for the action against its spokespersons, Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, BJP justified its decision that the duo crossed a line and deviated from the party’s strict insistence not to dilute the focus on development.
As the party came under criticism for not standing by its spokespersons and for giving in to critics who routinely make and justify provocative remarks against Hindu gods and goddesss, a senior party source said that nobody has the license to vent his controversial personal opinion through party platforms . “Party has been consistently opposed to ‘minority appeasement’ and will continue to do so but, at the same time we need not be offensive and should exercise restraint while appearing on party platform,” said a senior leader in response to the criticism.

The justification came against the backdrop of a growing chorus of criticism from supporters known for their sharp advocacy of Hindutva and who enjoy huge followings on social media platforms. They have been critical of the Modi government of giving in to pressure from Islamic countries known for religious intolerance. They have highlighted that countries like Qatar which are funding extremist political Islamism and had given honorary citizensnhip to famous painter MF Hussain who had to leave India following protests over the way he depicted Hindu gods and goddesses in his paintings.

“They may be upset. We value their commitment to Hindutva and their support. They have been boldly defiant in the face of political intolerance, often at great cost to themselves. But fact remains that in public life you have to be restrained. When you take up membership of a party and are given an assignment, then you are expected to adhere to the party’s stand”, said a minister.

He said that a party member does not have the freedom to express his personal opinion when he appears on a platform as a representative of a party, adding that both Sharma and Jindal deviated from the party’s clear instruction to focus on development and Modi government’s efforts to help the poor and the underprivileged.

A view had also emerged from the RSS’ ‘chintan shivir’ in Haridwar held in April that any bitterness and conflict in the society should be avoided while pursuing ideological issues.
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