Shark Tank India 2: Namita Thapar opens up about having 2 IVF failures during second pregnancy ; says ‘Miraculously I conceived naturally’

In the latest episode of Shark Tank India 2, the sharks are ready for the new entrepreneurs who arrive on the show and blow their minds with their new business ideas. The first entrepreneurs come to the fair with their oil-free and water-free cookware, which represents a new way of cooking for all women in India and also saves 50% on gas. In cookware, you can prepare idli, dosa, halwa, chapati, etc. in the same KitchenAid. Entrepreneurs Ravi Kumar Reddy and Asha VM introduce themselves and talk about the special features of their products. At the end of their pitch, Asha and Ravi are charging Rs 1 crore for 2% equity with a valuation of 50 crores.
Shark Vineeta Singh is amazed and impressed with their pitch and asks them about their history and how they got into this business. Furthermore all 4 Sharks refuse to proceed with any deal and Vineeta Singh offers them a deal for Rs 50 lakhs for 10% equity and 50 lakhs debt at 12% interest together with a valuation of Rs 5 crores. Ravi and Asha accept their deal and team up to help India cook better.

The second entrepreneurs come on stage and present their pitch in front of the Sharks. Entrepreneurs Vikram Rajput, Sohan Sahu and Chandan Prasad talk about infertility and how it has become a taboo in society and nobody speaks freely about it. They share a story in their pitch and unveil their IUI home kit, which allows these infertile couples to try this test at home without going to the hospital. They charge Rs 50 lakhs in 1% equity with a valuation of Rs 50 crores.
After listening to her pitch, Namita shared her story of not being able to conceive for the second time. She said: “In my case when I was 28 years old I wanted to get pregnant and in 2 months I got pregnant and after that I had a normal pregnancy, for 3 to 4 years I tried and I couldn’t get pregnant. I’ve been through 2 infertility treatments and those 25 injections and the emotional and physical pain I’ve been going through. Even the taboo things holding your legs up, crossing your legs and I already have kids but imagine the parents who don’t have kids. After two attempts I gave up and said that I am happy with one child. But then a miracle happened and I got pregnant naturally. Apparently the memory stayed with me and for 10 years I couldn’t speak publicly about it, also on my youtube channel I couldn’t because it was taboo to speak a scar, but 6 months ago I spoke to the doctor about infertility and stayed I’ve been thinking all night about making this public. People have supported me and said it’s private and why do you want to talk about it? But then I listened to my heart and spoke about it for the first time and wrote about what was special in my book.”

The 4 Sharks commend Namita for speaking up and letting people know about it. The entrepreneurs share their stories and how they started their businesses. They also give a demo of their product. Namita and Vineeta make them an offer separately while the other 3 sharks refuse any offer due to their confused nature.

Vineeta is offering Rs 50 lakhs for 1.67 equity with a valuation of Rs 30 crores. Furthermore, even Namita is offering a deal which is Rs 20 crores for 1% equity and Rs 30 lakhs debt at 10% equity with a valuation of Rs 20 crores.

The entrepreneur thinks about both offers for a while, comes back and signs the deal with Namita. The last entrepreneur for the show was into making personal care products for Sikhs and making high quality turbans for them. Entrepreneur talks about how Kada, turban and well-groomed beard make up their identity. They discuss how the Sikhs use hair products and sprays that are harmful to the skin. They introduce their products and how they have products that are alcohol and gum free. Chiranjeevi Singh and Ashwath Poojari are also asking Rs 50 lakhs for 5% equity with a valuation of Rs 10 crores.

After listening to Sikh entrepreneur Anupam Mittal, he talks about how he got into debt with the Sikhs. He says: “My father started his business with the help of Sikhs, so I grew up selling turban fabric. Second, my wife is from Chandigarh and she is also a Punjabi. So I know the difficulties and everything you have told us.”

Anupam, Vineeta and Namita say it is not investable at the moment and that is why they are out that their sales have not even reached the 1% but Peyush Bansal makes a conditional offer and gives Rs 50 lakhs for 20% equity with a valuation of Rs 2.5 crores. Aman says if Peyush hadn’t made an offer he might have made an offer, but now he’s out.

Peyush makes a counter offer after Chiranjeev tries to counter. Peyush amends its offer to Rs 50 lakhs for 10% equity but with the stipulation of charging a further Rs 75 lakhs at the same valuation, which is Rs 5 crores. After receiving this deal, Chiranjeev agrees and completes Peyush’s latest deal.

Shark Tank India 2 Season 2 has garnered mixed reactions from viewers. In the second season there was a change in the jury. Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, Aman Gupta and Amit Jain are the Sharks in season two. Amit Jain replaced Ashneer Grover last season. The coming week will be the final week of Shark Tank India Season 2.

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