Shivratri 2021: Maha Shivaratri Fasting Rules and Vrat Vidhi |

Maha Shivaratri fasting will be observed on Thursday March 11, 2021. Shivaratri Vrat rituals begin the day before Maha Shivaratri. A day before Maha Shivaratri, most likely on Trayodashi, devotees should only eat once. On the day of Shivaratri, after finishing the morning rituals, take sankalp (oath) to watch Lord Shiva quickly and with total devotion throughout the day. Shivaratri fast is difficult and people commit to self-determination and seek God’s blessings before beginning to successfully complete it. Devotees can do Maha Shivaratri puja at home or visit a temple. Generally, people visit Shiva temple during the day and perform Shiva puja at home at night.
Place a Shiva Lingam on the puja platform. You can also make a ‘Makeshift Shiva Linga’ with wheat atta or mud to perform puja rituals. After shaping Shiva Ling, perform abhishek rituals by offering milk, rose water, sandalwood paste, yogurt, honey, ghee, sugar and water on the ling. Offer Shiva Ling a garland of bilva leaves and then apply Chandan or Kumkum and show Lord Shiva Dhup-Deepa. Devotees can also offer Shiva Ling flowers from Madar and Vibhuti. After Shiv Ling Puja, it is time to do dhyaan and recite Lord Shiva mantras to seek blessings from God.
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Maha Shivaratri fasting rules

  • Fasting on Shivratri begins at dawn and lasts day and night. Fasting is not allowed to end until the next day during Parana timing, as suggested by the Panchang (calendar).
  • Fasting is only doubly beneficial during the night vigil during Shivratri. The vigil must be accompanied by Shiv Puja either at home or in the temple. The strict form of fasting consists in avoiding food, drinks and water. The milder form of fasting enables milk, water and fruit to be consumed.
  • The most important aspect of fasting is to avoid bad thoughts, bad company, and bad words. The devotee must practice virtues and keep away from all evils.
  • Staying in the temple grounds, chanting the names of Lord Shiva and listening to the glory of the Lord are the most beneficial activities recommended to devotees.
  • The essence of fasting and the vigil is to control the senses and learn to control desires. The pure state of mind thus achieved is redirected to the Lord, whereby the body, mind and spirit of the individual are purified.

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