Vivo OriginOS Ocean Android Skin With New Music Player, Camera App, and Lockscreen Launched

Vivo OriginOS Ocean’s redesigned skin was launched in China on Thursday. The OS is the successor to OriginOS Skin and brings with it various new design elements as well as interactive modes and applications. This includes a redesigned music player (Walkman), a new dialer interface, a reading app that combines content from different sources in one place, and a new camera app. Vivo says the operating system was designed to provide a smooth experience and low power consumption. The Chinese company has also released a rollout schedule and list of phones that will receive the OriginOS Ocean update.

Vivo has listed the features of OriginOS Ocean and says that the essence of the new skin is using design to get “precise focus and efficient communication” through all aspects of the system. There are changes to the call screen and there is a redesigned music player called Walkman. According to Vivo, users can “easily access the Walkman from any user interface” and also customize the buttons and background colors of the user interface. The colors and shapes on the music board should also change depending on the type of music being played. Vivo has worked with local music streaming platforms to integrate the Walkman.

Apart from an “optimized layout, spacing, color and background”, the reading function of the OriginOS Ocean offers a real page-turning effect, which enables users to turn pages digitally. There is a new camera app with simple gesture control. Users can swipe their fingers up and down, left and right to add effects to the photos. Vivo also says that the app has now built in parameters like natural saturation and color saturation. There is an advanced focus system integrated with the focus ring with elements like level indicator, anti-shake status, focal length change and exposure change.

There is also a new lockscreen system that is supposed to integrate various functions, some of which work with the user’s fingerprint. OriginOS Ocean also has a new main screen system and flexible folder system, says Vivo. The skin should provide improved memory management and easier switching between multiple tasks. In terms of data protection, OriginOS Ocean is said to offer “system-level security solutions and management functions”.

“OriginOS Ocean divides key user data collection into five levels of data security and enhances the application’s collection of sensitive data to minimize the application’s collection of user information,” says Vivo.

Vivo also revealed the schedule for the OriginOS Ocean launch. The first smartphones to receive the operating system upgrade include the Vivo X70 series, Vivo X60 series and the iQoo 8 series. The rollout begins on December 30th. The second batch of smartphones will receive the update from the end of January 2022, the third batch in February and March 2022, and the last batch will receive the OriginOS Ocean update in April 2022.

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